Cork floor for bathroom could be known as the ideal alternative to costly ceramic tile. Why is bamboo flooring great for bathrooms?The solution is straightforward: bamboo flooring for bathrooms contains plenty of benefits. To start with, cork is comparatively warm. Tiles, as an instance, don’t have this benefit. To address this issue it is possible to install floor heatingsystem, which satisfactorily increases the costs of repair and maintenance.

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Moreover, tiled floor is more prone to fungus and germs. Cork floor in bathroom is totally devoid of those issues. Its natural heat and pleasant tactile senses are highly appreciated. It is very nice to walk cork floors in bathrooms because of their warmth and softness. In addition such floor is extremely helpful, because it’s shock absorbing effect, which lowers the load on your spine. That means it’s possible to place bathroom furniture onto it.

Cork flooring for bathroom is resistant to fungi and bacteria, which prefer to multiply in moist areas like bathrooms. Cork flooring in bathrooms is hard to spoil, as bamboo is a really durable material. It is resistant to dirt and very simple to clean.

The sole downside of cork bathroom flooring is its own cost. It is quite costly. But in case you opt to employ cork tiles for bathroom, then you can avoid spending cash on floor heating. Anyway, the insulating properties of cork helps abstract from outside noises, since cork is a great natural noise insulator.

It is Made from cork tiles pasted together using a special adhesive; It explains relatively large price of cork floors in bathroom.  Image Source

The first Kind of cork, cork veneer, is rather expensive, because just solid sheets are utilized because of its own production;

The next kind based on granulated cork is the most democratic choice, since even the smallest pieces of pine bark are used in its manufacturing; The third sort of cork flooring combines properties of their first and second kinds. Respectively, its budget is typical.

Cork Floor Installation It is comparatively simple to install, which means that you may try doing this yourself. But to be on the secure side find an experienced individual to generate bamboo flooring for bathroom for you.

The modern marketplace provides an alternate solution — sprayed cork. This substance includes all of the positive attributes of cork, and is totally devoid of downsides. On account of the fact it is liquid, sprayed cork is not hard to apply. Spraying can be reached on any surface. You can apply liquid cork to a moist surface Affordable Bathroom Flooring Ideas

And the moisture disappears by itself. In case you choose to install cork floor in your bathroom you won’t regret this decision in future.


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