Let us discuss romantic and feminine Provence style. Here you may find some French country bathroom ideas. Provence is a magic southern area of France, in which life appears to cease and cheerful and serene setting reigns everywhere. Lavender fields, olive groves, blue skies and bright sunlight –the character of Provence is represented in the air of French country homes and cottages. This interior style gained fame across the globe and is used in design of huge patios and small urban apartments. It’s also come to be a wealthy inspiration source of French bathroom ideas.

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“Provence” in French means that a province, so this style is frequently known as the French country. Country chic perfectly matches in a small city apartment, creating a cosy romantic interior. The same we could tell about the French style bathroom decor. The main elements of Provence bathroom design are:
Natural substances: uncooked or outdated wood, stone, natural materials, ceramics;
Bright light colors;
Plants and perfumes of flowers;
Natural light and thin translucent curtains;

Plaster is usually utilized for decorating of those walls in the Provencal style. Walls finishing is intentionally sloppy. The walls are painted in light pastel colors — hot yellow, blue, pink shades.
Since the homes in Provence are made from stone, this substance is frequently used for walls. Tough stone or uncooked bricks in French bathroom decor perfectly fit with pastel colors and floral prints. When the walls are coated with wallpapers, provide your taste to flowery designs, vertical strips or evaluations in light colors.
For your floor in a Provence bathroom feel wood is mainly employed.

The furniture in a Provence style bathroom is mainly made from wood with maintained natural feel and color. Additionally, it can be painted, and also the most well-known colors for painting are white, milky and pale shades of blue, pink, green.
The most precious part of contemporary style bathroom accessories is vintage furniture using history. Grandmother’s cabinets and rocking chairs perfectly match into the interior, creating the ideal mood. Scrapeschips, cracks — all traces of antiquity aren’t been concealed or painted above, but intentionally emphasized.

But if you don’t have these heirlooms, it doesn’t matter — today many brands create such obsolete furniture. By way of instance, a superb French style bathroom vanity, cabinet or furniture upholstered in a flowery Provence style is discovered in modern shops. You may even give your wooden furniture average obsolete look yourself. Luckily, in the Internet it’s possible to find a great deal of instructions about the best way best to paint or era your furniture together with your hands.
Textiles are a really important part of the interior in the Provence style. A particularly harmonious appearance is made with natural materials: linen, cotton, chintz.

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Curtains in the style of French countryside has to be bright and airy. Natural light is vital to make a glowing mood.
Flowers Heart pleasing material, attracted from journeys or chosen with fantastic love, cozies up the interior and matches it with your own personal history and positive energy.
Forged elements: lamps, shelves, and stands provide particular appeal to the interior in the style of Provence. Chandeliers play an essential function in Provencal interiors. Luxury crystal combined with vintage wooden furniture and demanding walls and floor change the country style into a rustic French chic.


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